The Clerk's office is excited to announce a new version of our online land records that will go live on August 8, 2022. Most Louisiana Clerks have opted to move their online land records to eClerksLA and LaSalle is now participating in this program. LaSalle's customers are able to go to a one-stop site for  Land Records, and Marriages. Not only will you be able to view LaSalle's records but all other parishes participating in this new program. The following are questions and answers that will help facilitate this transition. 

How do I get to the new website?
Go to to access the new site or click on the link above.There also a PDF for eRecording and an eClerksLA help guide as well. LaSalle's records will not be available until Monday, August 8, 2022, but you can sign up now.

What will happen to the older site?
Eventually, it will go away, but short term both the old site and eClerksLA will operate concurrently.

What about my unused funds in the old account?
Unused funds can either be refunded or moved to eClerksLA. If you plan on extending your subscription it would be best to do so at eClerksLA.  Paid subscriptions that expire in the future will also be moved. 

What if I have questions?
The LaSalle Parish Clerk's office is here to serve you.  All conversions have some glitches, but our team members and our new vendor are ready to address any issues that arise. Our customers' satisfaction is very important to us. 

Steve Andrews
LaSalle Parish Clerk of Court